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Welcome to History Link 101's Middle Ages Biography Page.  Here you will find excellent links to famous people of the Middle Ages.   Find artists, church leaders, reformers, kings, queens, and more.


Biography and pictures.
        Visual = 5 Content = 4    D0010

  Botticelli, Sandro 
    Biography and Pictures  Biography with most of his paintings with interpretations by History Link 101.
        Visual = 5  Content =4  D0030

  Lenardo Da Vinci

     Biography on Science and Art Very nice site with good amount of material both on art and his science idea.
           Visual = 5 Content = 5 D0040

     Lenardo Da Vinci Life Site with basic infomation and item on the "Da Vinci Code" in movies and books
           Visual = 3 Content = 4 D0050

     Lenardo's Drawing 54 of his famous drawings
           Visual = 5 Content = N/A  D0060

  Lorenzo De Medici (patron of the arts)
    Brief Biography
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0110

  Michelangelo Buonarroti Extensive biography.
       Visual = 4 Content = 5    D0130

  Raphael Sanzio
     Raphael Sanzio Biography and pictures from WebMuesum.
        Visual = 5 Content = 4    D0150

Church Leaders

  St. Thomas Aquianas
St. Thomas Aquianas By Catholic Encyclopedia.  Very extensive site.
        Visual = 1 Content = 5    D0160
    Essay on St. Thomas Aquianas Large set of essays by Jacques Maritain Center.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0170

  St. Francis of Assisi
    Biography By Catholic Encyclopedia.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0180

  St. Augustine (of Hippo)
    Essay on Augustine's Influence on Christianity
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0210
    Catholic Encyclopedia on Augustine
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0220

  St. Benedict of Nursia
    Biography By order of Saint Benedict.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0250
    Biography with Illustrations
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    D0260
    Biography from Catholic Encyclopedia
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0270

  Desiderius Erasmus
    Biography by Catholic Encyclopedia
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0280

    Bio's of British Saints About 250 different Saints bio's.  
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0300
    Complete list of Popes With links to biographies on each by Catholic Encyclopedia.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0310


  John Calvin

    Biography from Catholic Encyclopedia 
     Visual = N/A Content = 4    D0320
    Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin In downloadable form of either PDF or RTF and ZIP files
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0350

  Martin Luther
    Detailed Time Line Page has links to four pages with detailed time lines of Luther's life.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0360
    Portrait of Martin Luther
        Visual = 5 Content = N/A    D0390

  Journal of John Wesley (later date then Middle Ages - but believe it fits with other reformers) 
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0420

  John Wycliffe
    Few illustrations From Wycliffe Bible Translators
        Visual = 5 Content = 3    D0440
    Biographical Links By Christian Biographical Resources
        Visual = 1 Content = 5    D0450

 Kings and Queens

    Atilla the Hun Short essay on invasion of Italy with map.
        Visual = 3 Content = 5    D0460

   King Authur Very large body of information on the story of Arthur by Britannica.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0470

    Biographies of  English Kings From 800 A.D. to Present Day by Britannia.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0480

  Charles Martel
    Charles Martel By Catholic Encyclopedia.
       Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0490
    Charles Martel By Britannica with link to other sites.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0500

    Charlemagne from Catholic Encyclopedia
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0510

  Queen Elizabeth I Complete site on Queen Elizabeth.  Includes links to quotes, writing, pictures, and additional sources which include over 20 other biographies.
         Visual = 5 Content = 5    D0530

  Ferdinand and Isabella
    Isabella I  By Catholic Encyclopedia
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0560

  Henry VIII
    Biography by Catholic Encyclopedia Be aware of point of view.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0580
    Biography by British Monarchy
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0600
    Time line of Henry VIII
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0610
    Six Wives of Henry VIII Nice in-depth site on Katharine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and Katharine Parr.
       Visual = 5 Content = 5    D0620

  John I (Lackland) By Britannia.
        Visual = 1 Content = 5    D0630

  Emperor Justiain I
    Emperor Justinian By Catholic Encyclopedia.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5     D0650
  William the Conquer
    Biography by Catholic Encyclopedia
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0680
    Biography by British Monarchy 
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0690


  Geoffery Chaucer

    Time line of Chaucer Side by side details of historical events and Chaucer's life.  Lots of advertising for books but an interesting page.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0710
    Biography from Catholic Encyclopedia
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0740

  Dante Alighieri
    Biography Extensive site including work, the times he wrote in, maps, and more.
        Visual = 2 Content = 5    D0750

  William Shakespeare
    Shakespeare Research Center Very nice site with lots of information and links to other good sites.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0800
    Large site on Shakespeare By Terry Grey.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0810

Other Notables           

  Joan of Arc

    Joan of Arc Bibliography by Catholic Encyclopedia.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0820

    Trial of Joan of Arc 
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0840

  Eleanor of Aquitaine
    Eleanor of Aquitaine
        Visual = 2 Content = 4    D0850

  Eric the Reds Saga
     Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0870

  Nicolaus Copernicus
    Timeline of His Life Includes portraits of him.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0880
    One page Biography
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0890
    Biography from Scientific Perspective
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0900

  Lief Ericson
    Report by Kevin A. Weitemier    
        Visual = 1 Content = 4    D0910

  John Gutenberg
    Johannas Gutenberg 3 sections done - others still to be translated from German - looks good so far.  Includes pictures and descriptions.   
        Visual = 5 Content = 4    D0940
    Biography by Britannica 
        Visual = 1 Content = 4    D0950

  The Galileo Project Very in-depth site of times of Galileo.  Information about Galileo, himself, is scattered thoughtout site. Links to other people and works during time of Galileo.  Good site for more in-depth research. 
        Visual = 3 Content = 4    D0960  

  Marco Polo
Biography In relations to the city of Korcula.  Large set of essays.  Includes links to other sites.
        Visual = N/A Content = 5    D0970
    Robin Hood Project Site linking to illustrations and writing about the legend of Robin Hood.
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    D0985

    Sir William Wallace Historical person depicted in movie Braveheart.
        Visual = 5 Content = 5    D990

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